Metal Problems

Are you a metalhead or are you into heavy metal music? We will give you the most relatable problems all metal fans go through!

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How do I submit a post?
Click the “ask and submit” button up there and write your submission, and I will make it into an image!

What’s your favorite band?
Oh boy that’s hard. I like a bit  of everything. I’m a big fan of Power Metal in particular.

What concerts have you been to?
Megadeth, Rhapsody of Fire, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Dir en Grey, Hirax, Sodom and Barón Rojo, as well as some bands from my country.

Is (band) metal?
I won’t answer any question like that.

Why didn’t you answer my question?
It was either offensive or something that is already in this FAQ. Or I might have just forgotten. I’m a bit of an airhead sometimes.

Why isn’t my submission here?
It was either already posted, offensive, irrelevant or I couldn’t understand it. And if you send the same submission 15 million times I won’t be too eager to post it either.